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“A brother is a friend given by nature” isn’t it true? We get our friend and most important person with whom we share everything naturally, who is always there for us.

Today I will be sharing some moments and things about my brother and hope this will shed some light on the fact that “There is no love like the love for a brother. There is no love like the love of a brother.”

He enjoys working in the garden with my grandfather in addition to playing with me. He follows my grandfather’s instructions, despite the fact that he hardly understands them. We both take showers and get ready to tackle our homework after playing in the evening. However, he isn’t always cooperative when my mother helps us with our homework. There are moments when playing is all he wants to do.

My parents take us to the mall on the weekends. He enjoys eating ice cream and other delicious foods. Because I don’t share my toys with him, even though I love him, we occasionally get into arguments. But after each argument, we apologize to one another and reestablish our friendship. My brother brings joy to our entire family, thus he is a blessing.

I feel comfortable sharing my emotions with him as well. Once I was having a bad day because my best friend misunderstood me during some conversation and we started fighting over that thing and then she asked me to never talk to her. I told everything to my brother. He calmed me down and he talked to my friend and talked about misunderstandings. At that time, I realized that I had a friend in my brother’s.

He has always assisted me in getting over the challenges I face with my studies. He consistently achieves academic excellence, rising to the top of his class each year. Once I had a severe headache, so he did all my homework, especially to solve problems.

He is also a guide and teacher to me. He taught me good things, such as once I stole some chocolate from the refrigerator and then lied that I didn’t know anything about the whole scenario and then he calmly told me that taking anything without anyone’s permission is not a good thing and after that, I never made the same mistake again.

Also, once I fell sick and my mother was not at home, so he took care of me. He made soup for me. Plus, he went to the nearest chemist and bought medicine for me from his savings. That day I realized how much he loved me.

Sibling relationships are highly valued. Having a brother, whether younger or older, is fantastic. A brother is someone who protects, loves, and inspires his siblings throughout their lives. Having a brother is a blessing, and we are happy to have one. Brothers are naughty.

They can be inconvenient at times, but their presence is important. Without them, we simply cannot survive. No matter how many times you argue with them, everything will be alright the following day. They remain at your side, unlike friends. They are our constant friends.

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