Speech on My Mother [Simple & Easy For Kids]

Flow of Speech

  • Self Introduction[If needed]
  • Greetings For Audience
  • Daily child care of mother
  • Her dedication
  • Mother as teacher
  • Mother as Friend
  • Mother love

Speech No.1: Speech on My Mother For Kids

This speech is for primary grade 1,2,3,4 students. Here I write simple English words so can primary students can understand and remember them. In this speech, I maintain the flow of speech with students’ daily routines.

I am…(Self Intro)

My respected teacher, My dear classmate


My mother takes care of me every day.
She helps me get ready for school and keeps me up at night.
She makes sure I eat healthy food and get enough rest.
My mother loves me and keeps me safe.

My mother is like a teacher to me.
She teaches me new things every day.
She helps me with my homework and tells me stories.
She wants me to learn and grow.

My mother is also my friend.
She listens to me when I am sad or happy.
We play together and have fun.
I can talk to her about anything.

I love my mother very much.
She is always there for me.
I am grateful for everything she does.
East is east, west is west but My mother is the best!

Speech No.2:

I am…(Self Intro)

My respected teacher, My dear classmate


Every day my mother takes care of me like a superhero. She wakes me up in the morning and helps me get ready for school. She makes sure that I have a healthy breakfast before starting my day.

My mother is always there to welcome me with a smile when I come back from school. She asks me about my day and listens to all my talk. She helps me with my homework and explains things to me so that I can understand them better.

In the evening my mother becomes my classmate. We have fun together, be it playing games, going to the park, or just laughing and talking. She makes every moment special and full of love.

At dinner time, my mother cooks delicious food for our family. She knows my favorite food and makes sure I eat a balanced diet. We sit together on the floor of the kitchen, share stories, and enjoy our time as a family.

Before I go to bed, my mother reads me a bedtime story. She creates a magical world with her words and I fall asleep with beautiful dreams in my mind. She kissed me goodnight and told me how much she loved me.

My mother is not only my caregiver, but she is also my teacher and my friend. She guides me through life, teaching me valuable lessons about kindness, honesty, and hard work. My mother supports everything I do and encourages me to pursue my dreams. And also punished for wrongdoing.

I am very lucky that I got a mother like her. Her love is unconditional, and she always puts my needs before her own. I am grateful for his presence in my life every day.

In short, my mom is my everyday hero. She takes care of me, teaches me, and is my best friend. I love him more than words, and I cherish the moments we share. My mother is truly the greatest gift of my life.

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