Speech on Mother’s Day For Students

[14 May of every year celebrated as Mother’s Day]

Respected teachers, and my dear schoolmates


Have you ever realized that your mother suffered so much pain when you were in her womb and she is the reason that you are living a life today? Then why do we only celebrate her greatness for one day only and not every day, that’s why I’m here today to honor the person who has had the greatest impact on our lives and who represents love, sacrificial giving, and caring care. I’ll share my thoughts on our mothers, who represent the height of generosity and compassion, with you today. I chose to deliver a speech about her without today being Mother’s Day.

Do you know our home is our first school? And mothers are our first instructors, teaching us priceless lessons as we progress through our stages of development. Their guidance and assistance serve as the foundations of our character, forming our moral compass and giving us the skills we require to effectively tackle every aspect of life. We learn the value of compassion, kindness, and integrity—qualities that characterize our relationships with the outside world—through their lessons.

There are so many reasons I adore my mother. I adore her for a variety of reasons and consider her to be the best person alive. She is my best friend and always looks after me. She tries everything she can to make me happy. Every day, she looks after me. I know that I can go home and my mother will be waiting to help me if I need assistance with something and nobody else is available. Whenever I’m having a rough day, she is always so sweet and makes me smile. Always making sure I have beautiful clothes to wear, she buys me clothes for me. Life would be really hard for me if she didn’t care about me.

She is my best friend, as I am an introvert and I don’t have many friends. She is always there to hear what I have to say and she plays cricket and indoor games with me too, and Mother knows how to tackle everything about our life easily.

She knows both what we say and what we are incapable of speaking. When our emotions are down, her shoulder is always there. She enjoys herself with us by playing, going out, and laughing with us. No matter what bad we do, a mother never blames us. She shares her life experiences with us, which improves us. She’s ready to hear about anything. She always helps us get through challenging times.

A child’s first and perfect type of love is their mother. The day a mother gives birth to her child, a special link starts to grow between both. It is not at all simple to be a mother. Without respect for her own interests, she takes care of everyone in the house. How many of you inquire about your Mother’s Day when she is continuously in your rearview mirror, making sure your day is perfect?

That’s why one can’t understate the importance of a mother’s love. Their significant contributions have changed our culture and are paving the way for a more hopeful and compassionate future. Let’s be grateful and respectful to the wonderful mothers who shaped who we are today.

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(1) Sanskrit Sloka on Mother

नास्ति मातृसमा छाया नास्ति मातृसमा गतिः।
नास्ति मातृसमं त्राणं नास्ति मातृसमा प्रपा॥

nāsti mātṛsamā chāyā nāsti mātṛsamā gatiḥ
nāsti mātṛsamaṃ trāṇaṃ nāsti mātṛsamā prapā

English Meaning
There is no shadow, no shelter, no protector like a mother.
There is no life-giver in this world like a mother.

Quotes On Mother

  • “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”
  • “All I am I owe to my mother.”- George Washington
  • “If I know what love is, it is because of you.”- Hermann Hesse
  • “Moms are like buttons, they hold everything together.”

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