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  • Speaker: School Student
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Good morning respected principal, teacher, and my dear class fellows

Sisters are a blessing to everyone on the planet. Many of us have sisters whom we adore without reservation. Some people have older sisters, and others have younger sisters. Nonetheless, we are all fortunate to have been given sisters.

So I started thinking and thinking and thinking about what to say, and all I could think about was how much we fought as kids! We had to share a room, and our mother dressed us in the same clothes whenever she could until we were old enough to say NO. We had to share toys, and I always got her secondhand items.

She has a very distinct personality that is uncommon in today’s world. She has a bubbly personality and can light up any room she enters. My sister is a wonderful person who is always willing to assist others. I’ve seen her help her friends all the time, even if they’re just acquaintances. She never holds anyone accountable for their actions. She is a religious person who believes that we should not judge others because God will take care of them.

Plus, we not only fought like sisters, but we also loved them. We laughed until we cried and learned more about each other than we probably wanted to. We’ve been through some of the most difficult times of our lives together, as well as some of the most rewarding.

She has a solution to almost every problem. Once my sister got to know that I misbehaved with my friends because I misinterpreted them, Then I also asked them not to contact me again and went home directly. In the evening, I suddenly started crying, and then she came into my room and asked if I was doing fine. I shouted at her because I was so disturbed. Then she left. And I didn’t even realize what I did.

Then, after half an hour, she came again with my favorite food and asked me to calm down and eat first. I loved how she cared for me. Then she asked me about the whole situation, and she got what the situation was. She then asked me to say sorry to my friends, and I did the same. And everything became fine, like earlier, without much conflict. I was so happy that day.

My sister has a unique ability to find simple solutions to difficult problems. We all seek her advice on how to simplify any type of work. I admire my sister for always doing her own thing and standing out from the crowd. Even if no one else is doing it, she does not back down from doing something out of the ordinary.

She is my pillar of strength and inspiration. We never lost sight of the love between us—the bond that will always hold us together as sisters and friends, no matter how much we fought. I want you to know how much I adore you.

A sister serves as a role model and teacher to her younger siblings, assisting them in learning about a variety of topics. Older sisters, like parents, have a positive influence on their younger siblings. Similarly, our younger sisters bring us joy and ensure that we never lose our childish side.

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