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Good morning

Respected principal, teachers, and my dear fellows

“Any technology that is sufficiently modern is the same as magic.”

Technology encompasses the practical application of scientific knowledge. Its impact on our daily lives is immense. We have become reliant on technology for even the simplest tasks, from waking up to the glow of a nightlight. In our generation, the utilization of technology continues to grow. Its results improve year after year, consistently advancing.

Can you fathom a life devoid of technology? It would undoubtedly be a wretched existence. I have often pondered how our ancestors managed thousands of years ago without the marvels of modern technology. We are incredibly fortunate to revel in the comfort and convenience it affords us.

Technological development stands as a symbol of human accomplishment. Thanks to technology, we have access to crucial information from various dimensions, expanding our knowledge. Our reliance on technology has increased, simultaneously enhancing our lives. Its absence would render our existence unimaginable. Through the application of technology, we can now observe planets light-years away.

Technology has rendered our economy more mobile. We can effortlessly connect with friends, family, and loved ones near and far, at our leisure. It has evolved into a vast global system, permeating every aspect of society, from commerce and automation to medicine, space exploration, education, communication, and beyond.

In today’s world, technology has become indispensable for any activity. One of its merits lies in the efficiency of machines that have largely replaced humans. As we all know, machines surpass us in energy capacity. The advent of technology introduced numerous innovative machines that save us valuable time. Time, as they say, is money. Isn’t it a tremendous advantage when technology enables us to save time? Machines also outperform humans in precision, having been meticulously designed for accuracy.

Efficiency and productivity are heightened through technology. Envision a scenario where we must provide a service. Could we accomplish it without the aid of technology? The answer is a resounding no! Technology enhances profitability and productivity in the workplace. There is no denying the ease with which we navigate life today, courtesy of technology. Everything we need can be found online, and our desires can be fulfilled with a few simple clicks.

In man’s pursuit of technological advancement, we have exploited Earth’s resources. The ongoing global crisis that plagues our planet bears the indelible mark of technology. The negative consequences it has wrought upon us often go unnoticed. Yet, for human survival, technology is indispensable. This realisation should fill us with shame. Despite being the most advanced species on Earth, we remain reliant on external factors to simplify our lives. This dependence will have dire consequences when technology becomes inaccessible.

I pose a challenge to each of you: set aside your devices for a week. Can you manage it? No! I, too, would struggle. This is one of technology’s drawbacks. We have become so reliant upon it that we cannot fathom life without the comforts it bestows upon us. Excessive technology usage detrimentally affects our health. Users of electronic devices seldom engage in physical activity, as technology consumes their lives, leaving little concern for their well-being.

Everyone relies on technology daily. Our lives are intricately intertwined with it. Thanks to technology, we revel in comfort, independence, and growth. We have been acquainted with its usage for a considerable time.

As human beings, we stand as the most advanced species, and thus, must exercise caution in how we employ technology to simplify our daily routines. Overreliance on technology poses a significant threat. Utilising technology judiciously will prevent harm to the environment and safeguard our health. We strive for progress that does not come at the expense of destruction.

Thank you.

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