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The extraordinary life of APJ Abdul Kalam, who embarked on the journey from the field of science to the highest position in the country, is an inspiration to all of us. He summed up his incredible journey in a power-packed speech that left a lasting impression on everyone who heard it. In this article, we throw light on the remarkable story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from a simple scientist to becoming the President of India.

If you want to give every detail of APJ Kalam please first read the complete biography or books written by them.

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  • Self Introduction[If needed]
  • Attention Grabber/ Generate curiosity
  • Early Life And Struggle
  • Schooling And College
  • DRDO to ISRO
  • President of India
  • Work to word youth
  • Death
  • Conclusion

Long Speech

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You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

APJ Kalam

Dear teachers, parents, brothers, and sisters. I am(your name) present here on this graceful occasion.

A person who leaves the southernmost point of India and reaches the highest position of the country and hoists the flag of his country from earth to space. I want to tell about such a great person APJ Abdul Kalam.

Early Life

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam came to this world on 15 October 1931 when India was under British occupation. He was born in a modest Tamil Muslim family and his father owned a boat to transport Hindu pilgrims to and from the islands of Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi.

Kalam was the youngest of three brothers and one sister. His early life as a child was plagued by poverty and he worked selling newspapers at a very young age. When we look at Kalam’s autobiography, he never complained about his poverty! Rather, he took it as an opportunity to fight poverty and fly with colors in life.


In his school years, Kalam was an average student but had a strong desire to learn! After completing his schooling at Schwartz Higher Secondary School, Kalam went on to study physics at St. Joseph’s College in 1954.

Soon he realized that physics was not his subject. It was aviation that inspired him the most, soon after completing physics, he went on to pursue aerospace engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology. Kalam recounted his struggle to get into college and said that he could survive only on the scholarship he received.

Career Beginning

One story stands out as a testament to his hardworking and determined nature. While studying at MIT, Kalam was given an impossible deadline by his dean for a project, with the threat of losing his scholarship if he couldn’t meet it.

Despite the immense pressure, Kalam refused to give up and worked tirelessly to complete the task within the deadline. His dean was both surprised and impressed by Kalam’s commitment and ultimately gave him his blessings and well wishes. This story serves as a reminder of Kalam’s unwavering dedication to his work and his refusal to let obstacles stand in his way.

As soon as Kalam graduated from college, he got two simultaneous job interviews. One from the Indian Air Force and one from the Defense Research and Development Organization.

As an aviation lover, Kalam was eager to join the IAF. It was a close call for him to achieve his dream of becoming a fighter pilot as he placed ninth in the qualifiers, but there were only eight positions for fighter pilots in the IAF available. 

Journey To Missile Man

In the year 1960, he joined as a scientist at the Aeronautical Development Establishment of the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

A major achievement for Kalam came when he was the project director of India’s first Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) at ISRO. This satellite was responsible for the deployment of the Rohini satellite in 1980. Moreover, Kalam was highly influential in the development of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and the SLV projects.

Both projects were successful. Bringing enhancement to the reputation of Kalam. This man also contributed to the development of ballistic missiles. In addition, Kalam has earned the title of “India’s Missile Man”.

The Government of India became aware of the talent of this man and made him the Chief Executive of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP). The program was also responsible for the research and development of missiles. He continued to achieve great things after he achieved so much.

More success was to come in the form of the Agni and Prithvi missiles. Once again, Kalam was influential in the development of these missiles. During his tenure at IGMDP, Kalam played a key role in the development of missiles like Agni and Prithvi. In addition, Kamal was a key figure in the Pokhran II nuclear test.

Rise to Politics and Power 

After the success of SLV-III, Kalam was made the chief of ISRO. He worked with full dedication and commitment to developing many more projects. He is famous for developing powerful missiles for the defense system. This was the time when India stood before the world in defense technologies.

From July 1992 to 1999, Dr. Abdul Kalam served as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister and Secretary of the Defense Research and Development Organization. During this time, Pokhran nuclear tests were conducted. Kalam played an intensive political and technical role in proving India’s nuclear power.

President Of India

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s journey from a poor boy selling newspapers to the most respected figure in our nation is truly inspirational. After retiring from the post of Chief Scientific Adviser, Kalam thought of teaching students for the rest of his life. As a result of his dedication and determination, he got the opportunity to contest the presidential election in 2002.

He won the election with a huge majority and held office as the President of India from July 2002 to 2007.

He moved to Rashtrapati Bhavan with India’s most prestigious award Bharat Ratna. He was also the first scientist and bachelor to occupy Rashtrapati Bhavan. During his tenure, he was affectionately known as the People’s President.

President Abdul Kalam served exceptionally well with his powers and duties. At the end of his term in office, Kalam expressed his desire to continue in the presidency for a second time.

However, he later retracted his decision and said that he did not want Rashtrapati Bhavan to be involved in any political process.

He was the only President who came to Rashtrapati Bhavan with only two suitcases apart from his books. And he left with the same two suitcases after his term, he didn’t have any other property, though he is the President of India. Indeed, Kalam was a man of simplicity!

It was that ill-fated day of 27 July 2015 when he died of a cardiac arrest while addressing the youth in Shillong.

His Legacy/Conclusion

To say that Indians love APJ Abdul Kalam would be an exaggeration. Indian people have great affection for this person. As a result, he was known as the People’s President. The man had to face only a few critics in his entire life.

The whole country mourned his death. Kalam was a great asset to India. His unique contribution to the field of science took India to new heights. Kalam’s presidency was characterized by calmness and efficiency.

Leaders keep on coming and going. From time to time we come across an eminent personality like Kalam. His name will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents India has ever had. Apart from this, people will also remember him as a brilliant scientist. The man was a priceless gem for every Indian.

Thank You.

10 Line Short Speech on APJ Abdul Kalam

Note: this speech is for primary-grade students.

  1. APJ Abdul Kalam’s full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam .
  2. He was born in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, on October 15th, 1931 In a modest Muslim family.
  3. Kalam had been selling newspapers in the early morning to support the income of his family.
  4. In 1954 he studied physics and In 1960, he studied aeronautical engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology.
  5. His dream as a child was to become a fighter pilot. But miss the chance.
  6. After graduation, he entered the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) as a scientist.
  7. In 1969, he joined the Organization of Indian Space Research (ISRO).
  8. Kalam Sir served as the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle III Project Director (PSLV III). His expertise in space science made him known as ‘Missile Man of India’.’
  9. He writes many famous books to inspire Indian youth
  10. He was the 11th President of India. On July 27th, 2015, he took his last breath while addressing the youth.

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Famous Quotes by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Be active! Take on responsibility! Work for the things you believe in. If you do not, you are surrendering your fate to others. 
  • History has proven that those who dare to imagine the impossible, are the ones who break all human limitations. 
  • Failure will never overtake me if my definition of success is strong enough. 
  • All Birds find shelter during rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above clouds.
  • Don’t rest after your first victory because if you fail in the second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.
  • All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.
  • I will work and sweat for a great vision, the vision of transforming India into a developed nation.
  • You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.

Facts About APJ Abdul Kalam 

  • He was the 11th President of India and was the first bachelor and vegetarian President of our country. 
  • He received more than 48 honorary doctorate degrees from universities in India and abroad. 
  • Kalam works 18 hours a day with a sleep schedule from 2 am in the night to 7 am in the morning. 
  • His autobiography, Wings of Fire is translated into 13 languages excluding English. His biography is written and published additionally six times. 
  • Kalam had no will written after his death. He never owned any form of luxury and lived a life of utmost simplicity. He is not coated with a luxurious appearance but he is covered with his renowned achievements and victories!

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Title For Your Speech

  • Unveiling the Inspiring Journey of APJ Abdul Kalam: A Visionary Leader and People’s President
  • The Legacy of APJ Abdul Kalam: How His Words Continue to Inspire Generations
  • APJ Abdul Kalam: A Beacon of Hope for India’s Youth
  • From Scientist to Icon: Unraveling the Extraordinary Story of APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Exploring the Life and Achievements of APJ Abdul Kalam: India’s Missile Man

Impact of APJ Abdul Kalam’s Journey on Society

APJ Abdul Kalam’s journey from scientist to President had a profound impact on Indian society. His life story and achievements inspired millions of young Indians to pursue careers in science, technology, and innovation. Kalam’s vision of a developed India, driven by knowledge and innovation, resonated with the aspirations of the youth, igniting a wave of enthusiasm and determination to contribute to the nation’s progress.

Kalam’s emphasis on education and his unwavering commitment to empowering the youth laid the foundation for several initiatives and programs aimed at improving access to quality education and promoting scientific research. His legacy continues to shape educational policies and inspire institutions to prioritize innovation and entrepreneurship in their curriculum.

Famous Books Written By APJ Abdul Kalam

You can read the books to make your speech more effective and unique. Or quote this book’s name in speech as a fact.

  1. India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium
  2. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography
  3. Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power within India
  4. Mission of India: A Vision of Indian Youth
  5. Inspiring Thoughts: Quotation Series
  6. You Are Born to Blossom: Take My Journey Beyond
  7. The Scientific India: A Twenty-First Century Guide to the World Around Us
  8. Failure to Success: Legendry Lives
  9. My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions

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