Speech on Janmashtami

It is an honour for me to address you all today on the auspicious anniversary of Janmashtami. This festival honour the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu who is venerated as a symbol of love, compassion, and righteousness. It is observed with zeal and fervour throughout the length and width of our wonderful nation.

India is a festival-rich nation. In India, numerous festivals are observed. It seems like there is a festival every single week. Of all the festivals, Krishna Janmashtami is one of the few with a very high level of significance and importance. Krishna Janmashtami causes a progressive mental image of Lord Krishna to emerge in our heads. Krishna Janmashtami is clearly associated with the birth of Lord Krishna based just on the phrases.

The Hindu god Krishna, who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, was born on the day of the festival known as Janmashtami, which is often observed in August. The Ashtami, or eighth day of Krishna Paksha, is the day when the festival is observed. Hindus and Lord Krishna’s devotees all across the world celebrate this holiday with delight. It is a celebration that fosters comradery and promotes peace and love. Lord Krishna came into existence for a specific reason. His parents are Devki and Vasudev. Due to Kansa’s imprisonment of Devki and Vasudev, he was born in a prison. The world saw the beginnings of divine might during the birth of Lord Krishna. To ensure Krishna’s protection, Vasudev gave the infant to his buddy Nand. Kansa was a harsh, nasty monarch who desired to murder the son of his own sister. Vasudev donated his kid to Nand in exchange for rescuing Krishna from Kansa. Nand and Yashoda were the parents who raised Lord Krishna.

Nearly the entire country of India celebrates Krishna Janmashtami. But only a few states observe this occasion with greater fervour. The states of Mathura and Vrindavan in particular are the rightful owners of this festival. However, it is also observed in a few other Indian states, including Bihar, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh, where a sizable Vaishnavite population resides.

People celebrate this holiday in a variety of ways to make it more enthusiastic and cheerful. They observe a daylong fast in observance of the festival, and at night they prepare some sweet foods as a sacrifice to Lord Sri Krishna. Additionally, they visit the temple and offer prayers to Lord Krishna in an effort to win his favour and gain his blessings. A select few of the most important Krishna temples also sponsor Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavata Purana narrators. A few people also hold competitions called “matki phod,” in which contestants must shatter a matki (a pot) full of curd that has been hung at a great height and consume the contents. This is carried out because Makhan was a favourite of Lord Sri Krishna, according to Hindu tradition. People perform dance in many different settings. Additionally, they perform ‘Raas Leela’, or plays and dramas. People work very hard to make this occasion even more attractively celebrated.

Janmashtami inspires us to believe in good acts and celebrates a day of joy and happiness in which good prevails over evil. It serves to remind us to oppose evil and uphold justice in our lives. The secret to living a successful and happy life is adhering to Lord Krishna’s teachings and instructions.

Let us remember the divine essence of Lord Krishna’s birth and the lesson he gave to humanity as we observe Janmashtami. May this holiday infuse our hearts with love, sympathy, and a sense of community.

I’m grateful


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