Speech on Feminism

Speech No 1: Short Speech On Feminism(300Words)

  • Speaker: High school student, Graduated Or Higher Personality
  • Audience: High School Students or Higher Qualified Personal

Flow of Speech

  • Greetings
  • Self Intro
  • Attention Grabber Fact & Question
  • Define Feminism
  • Call To Action

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear student and Present Dignitaries

I am…(Self Intro.). It is my pleasure to speak in front of you.

Did you know that earlier women from prestigious institutions such as Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Miranda House, etc were asked not to apply in response to matrimonial advertisements? Isn’t it too much in this modern era? Do you know why it was like this? Because the women who studied at these institutions were considered to be feminists. So let me ask you how many of you are feminists??

Many of you will hesitate to accept yourself as a feminist, especially boys. But do you know it is not a negative concept? Anyone who advocates for women’s rights is a feminist. But this social media era made this look like something negative.

So do you want to know what feminism is? Let me tell you some attributes of it such as one who-

  1. Advocate equality – they believe that both men and women are equal and have the same set of rights besides their gender
  2. Believe in the power of women – in terms of ability and potential
  3. Equal participation in political or economic spheres. They deserve equal chances. Women are much more qualified to be in politics.
  4. Work for the removal of Patriarchal thought i.e to consider women inferior and bonded by social norms pre-determined by the male-dominated society

However, Feminism is not undermining the male community. Feminism is not being atrociously bold and arrogant.

The feminist movement is significant and having feminist thought, as well as the capacity to protest and fight for what we want, is a privilege that we must remember. That is not the case for all women. Always remember to speak out against damaging views anyplace you go, and advocate for women of color, queer women, and disabled women in whatever manner you can.

Thank You

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